6 December 2010

Gifts That Keep On Giving

What a rewarding experience to give a loved one a Christmas gift that they like. Even more so when that gift becomes a part of their daily routine and gives them great satisfaction well after Christmas has come and gone. It could be a t-shirt that fits and looks just right, or that music player that they won’t put down, or that PlayStation that they spend way too much time on.

Choosing a gift like this can be a hit and miss affair. It is hard to know if they will love that t-shirt, or if they want to listen to music on the go.

For the past nine Christmases, we at Recompute have seen a lot of people choose a computer or a laptop as a gift. In this age where people are spending more time online socialising, working, studying or doing their banking, it makes sense that a computer or laptop is a gift that keeps on giving.

Some tips:

  • Will a repair or service do? They may already have a computer. Often a small servicing at a local computer dealer can be enough to get it running smoothly again.
  • Think about laptop sizes. One of the most important, yet also the most overlooked feature of a laptop is its size and weight. Go for a smaller machine for kids, they will be much more comfortable using it and can carry it around. Big not-so-portable models are best for adults who intend not to travel much with them.
  • Desktops are more affordable and easier on the elderly. If they have the room, perhaps it’s the only computer in the house, choose a desktop instead of a laptop. They offer better value for money.
  • Look at refurbished machines with 1 year warranty. These are really affordable and can easily keep up with today’s tasks. Make sure you get a presentable machine with a good warranty though.
  • Give it to them before Christmas. This is the sort of gift that would probably make use of during the holiday period. It is a good idea to make sure all is setup and working correctly before the Christmas break.

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