23 June 2015

Microsoft Security Essentials - A Free Anti-Virus from Microsoft

Microsoft Security Essentials is a free anti-virus program developed by Microsoft. It works on Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7 Operating Systems. Microsoft Security essentials protects your PC from computer viruses, malware and other malicious software.

Once installed, it runs in the background allowing the computer's performance to go unaffected.Microsoft Security Essentials also incorporates automatic updates which ensures that your computer is always being protected. Below is a comprehensive list of features that are included in Microsoft Security Essentials in order to maximise protection of your PC.

Real-time Protection

Microsoft Security Essentials continuously monitors incoming data in real-time in order to identify any threats and is constantly checking the PC's internal programs for any suspicious activity. It notifies the user as soon as it detects any threat. Then based on alert level (severe, high, medium and low), it removes, quarantines or allows the program to continue executing. 

System Scanning

Microsoft Security Essentials scans the files and programs to provide an additional level of security for your PC. You can run the system scan manually or you can schedule it for a set time. It also allows you to scan at different levels including a quick scan, full scan and custom scan. A Quick Scan, quickly searches the most vulnerable areas of the system like system files or current running system programs. A Full Scan, checks entire files including system and user files for any unusual activities and a Custom Scan, allows users to select what files, folder or programs they wish to scan. 

Scanning Exclusions

In some cases you may need apply exclusions to the files, folders or programs, so that Microsoft Security Essentials does not scan them. For example, if you know that a files or program came from a reliable source or has already been scanned by other anti-virus software, you can exclude them from being scanned again. By excluding certain type of files like MP3, JPG or AVI, you can speed up the system scanning process. 

Advanced Features

Microsoft Security Essentials also allows users to create system restore points. With system restore points, you can turn your PC back to the working stage after a system crash or bad program installation, without affecting your data. It also allows you to scan removable hardware devices such as USB's or DVD's, ensuring a safe and reliable method of transporting data to another computer. Additionally, Microsoft Security Essentials allows it's users to scan archived files including those with ZIP, ISO or CAB extensions. Furthermore, Microsoft Security Essentials allows non-administrator users to view a full history of detected threats during the scan. 

Rootkits are malware that attack major components of the operating system causing harm to the operating system. Microsoft Security Essentials utilises sophisticated anti-stealth technology to uncover and remove these malware. It also ensures that the PC's firewall is enabled allowing for constant protection. Microsoft Security Essentials also downloads and updates its antivirus definitions regularly to protect your PC from new threats.