22 July 2015

Google Chrome - More Than Just A Browser

Image Source: Google

Google Chrome is Google's very own internet browser, that has continuously grown in popularity since its release in 2008. According to StatCounter, a web traffic analysis tool, Google Chrome is currently the most utilised web browser in the world.  This is partly due to the fact that it has an extremely simple user interface coupled with great browsing speed. As such Chrome stands out from its competitors by utilising key features including the ability to sync your browsing, create user profiles, the ability to utilise in-built apps and extensions and the smart address bar.

Sync Your Browsing

Google Chrome allows its users to efficiently and easily synchronise their information such as bookmarks, applications, extensions and settings from one chrome device to another. To do this, login to Chrome using your Google account details, and it will automatically synchronize your browsing information to the current device. Users also have the ability to select which settings they desire to synchronise or simply sync all their settings at once. Additionally, users are able to maintain their privacy, as Chrome provides them with the option to delete any synced data from any of their devices. 

User Profiles

Google Chrome also allows for its users to create user profiles. The user profiles also allow users, to customise Chrome and tailor it to meet their needs by selecting their own settings, bookmarks and themes. This feature is extremely useful if the computer is one that is being shared with other users who have different needs. Furthermore Chrome allows its users to remove any unwanted profiles, by simply deleting the profile, which will in turn prompt chrome to delete all the setting from that profile. 

Applications and Extensions

The Google Chrome Web Store gallery, contains a wide range of Applications, Extensions and Themes. The Applications that can be downloaded are tools that add additional functionalities to increase user satisfaction whilst utilising Chrome. For example Applications such as Chrome Remote Desktop, allow you to connect to your Windows, Mac and Linux desktop session, from anywhere in the world. Additionally, Extensions are utilised to add features to increase your browsing satisfaction by extending the basic functionalities of Chrome or the website you are currently viewing. For example, Google Dictionary is a chrome extension that runs in the background, and lets you search for words in the dictionary by highlighting them on the web page. Furthermore, the Chrome Web Store, also allows for users to customise their browsing experience, by installing themes in Chrome in order to personalise its design. 

Smart Address Bar

Google Chrome's smart address bar lets you search straight from the address bar. As soon as you start typing a word or web address in the address bar, it prompts Chrome to begin searching. It also shows you whether, the word or web address that you are searching, is in your bookmarked sites, is currently a popular search item on the web or is in your browsing history. To search for a word on the webpage, highlight it, and right-click on it. This will give you the option to search the web for that selected word. You can also search a selected word, by highlighting it and dragging it to the address bar or even with your voice. You can also perform quick calculations in Chrome's Address Bar. 

In essence Google Chrome has some really powerful features that enable its users to customise their web browsing experience, as such it continues to grow and be utilised on a worldwide scale.