8 May 2015

Refurbished IT Buying Guide - 6 Things To Consider

Buying a refurbished computer/laptop can be a great way to get hold of a quality machine tailored for what you need, at a fraction of the original price.  Here are some things to look for that will make the process of buying a refurbished system easier and more rewarding.

  1. Warranty - When looking to buy a refurbished computer, ensure that they are offered with a 1 year warranty. Reputable refurbishers support their products and ensure that the machines sold to their customers are of a high quality. In order to reiterate their confidence in their products to their customers, refurbishers will often provide a comprehensive Parts and Labour Warranty.

  1. Trading History - When purchasing be sure to ensure that the company has many years of industry experience and have maintained a satisfied customer base.  Generally if they have been around for many years with a satisfied customer base, it is a reflection on the quality of the product and shows that they can honour the warranty provided.

  1. Refurbishing Process - Refurbished products purchased from reputable refurbishers should not have been previously faulty or in need of repair. In fact, as part of a quality control process, reputable refurbishers will be very selective with the makes and models that they sell and would generally only sell business grade models as they know that they are build to last.  The refurbishing process should include a quality control phase whereby the physical cosmetic condition of the machine is tested, the machine is dusted out and commercially cleaned.  All hardware components such as hard drives, ram etc have been thoroughly tested, batteries hold charge, and the item has been professionally repackaged.  Furthermore, the refurbishing process should include the utilisation of genuine and authentic licensing.  Also look a step further to find out if the refurbisher adds any extra value by including beneficial software such as Microsoft Security Essentials, OpenOffice.org, adobe reader and VLC player.  This means less work for you once you receive the computer.

  1. Pre Sale Advice - Be sure to ask questions. This ensures peace of mind, and allows you to ask any questions in order to purchase a machine that is suitable for your needs.  A professional IT retailer should not only be able to answer your questions but also positively contribute with solutions because of their experience in the industry and familiarity with the products on offer.  Furthermore, the hardware specifications of these machines can easily be upgraded when purchased from any reputable refurbisher.

  1. Post Sale Support -  Additionally, when purchasing a refurbished computer from a refurbisher ensure that they offer ongoing technical support. A reputable refurbisher will have a dedicated technical support team that will offer ongoing support to the customer after they have purchased their product. Ideally try and purchase from a company that specialises solely in IT.  This specialist knowledge is invaluable.

  1. Can they provide a total Hardware Solution for home or business? - When looking to purchase IT equipment, refurbished computers, laptops and servers are a great value option in terms of the product quality and cheap pricing, provided  that the refurbisher exemplifies the points mentioned above.  A quality IT refurbisher will be able to provide in bulk as their equipment is usually sourced in bulk from corporates. This is ideal for business’ looking to purchase larger quantities, as the equipment is generally on hand, is a business grade and can be supplied quickly.  Additionally, refurbished machines usually incorporate a range of modern technologies that can be very similar or  even better to what is being advertised as new depending on the specification. Hence, essentially a refurbished machine is a purpose built fully-featured computer that is being sold at entry level prices.  Provided that you buy from the right company of course!