14 May 2015

Windows 10 - New Features to Look Out For

PC-Users all around the world are familiar with Windows Operating Systems. As such the latest Windows Operating System named Windows 10, has a variety of new features that have been integrated to improve user-experience.

The introduction of Edge, Microsoft's latest web browser, is going to be a major feature on all devices running Windows 10. Edge will aim to improve usability.  Windows 10 also marks the introduction of Cortana to your desktop. It is also a built in feature for Edge, that acts as a personal digital assistant. Allowing for greater user control, including the ability for users to set reminders, ask questions and access their own personal information all via voice recognition.

All devices including desktops running Windows 10 will also have access to Windows apps.

The well-known and popular Start Menu is back with multiple new improvements that allow for greater user customisation. With the ability for users to  pin their favourite apps, live tiles or Websites. Users also have the ability to resize, drag or remove any or all apps as they desire.

Windows Phones will also have a Windows 10 operating system that includes a variety of new updates that will support the Spartan web browser and improve existing applications such as Outlook, Calendar, People, Maps, Office application, IM services and many more.

Additionally, the ability to run multiple desktops, is now being integrated into Windows 10. This allows users to create different desktops in order to fulfil different needs, in addition to separating their work and personal desktops with ease.  This has been available to Linux users for some time now.

The addition of a Task View button in Windows 10 will allow users to switch between multiple windows, opened files, applications and desktops, enhancing the user experience and enabling for efficient multitasking. It’s an existing feature that has been improved upon from previous Windows Operating Systems.

Windows 10 also allows developers to develop applications which are compatible across all Windows 10 devices. As  such,Microsoft has allowed users of  Windows 10 to utilise the license of the purchased application on multiple compatible devices at no extra charge.

Finally, Microsoft have announced that all current Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 users, will be able to permanently upgrade to Windows 10 free of charge as long as they do so within one year of the operating system launch.