4 August 2015

How to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10

In a previous article, we have mentioned multiple facts that you should be aware of before upgrading to Windows 10. In this article we walk you through the process of upgrading a Windows 7 Professional machine to Windows 10 Professional. So let's get started.

One of the major requirements for upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7, is to ensure that your Windows 7 PC is completely up-to-date. In order to ensure this you should utilise and run the Windows Update Service. Once the updates have been installed, the Windows 10 logo will appear on your System Tray, located on the lower right hand corner of your desktop. This logo is for the Get Windows 10 app, that Microsoft released to make this upgrade as simple as possible. 

The Get Windows 10 App will test your PC to ensure that your system meets all the requirements for the Windows 10 upgrade and will allow you to reserve your copy for the free upgrade. 

Upon successful reservation, Microsoft will automatically download the Windows 10 upgrade files in the background and will notify when the upgrade is ready to be completed. This download will take approximately 3 GB of data so it is essential to ensure that you have enough data allowance from your internet service provider. 

When you are ready to upgrade to Windows 10, you can click on the Get Windows 10 App and start the process. The Windows 10 Installer will start preparing the system and all your saved files for the upgrade. Once these files are saved it will then install the necessary files to upgrade your machine to Windows 10. This process will take approximately half an hour to complete. 

Once the installer is finished preparing your PC, it will reboot into the Windows 10 setup. Make sure you go through the custom settings and read through the different options, this will allow you to customize the Windows 10 operating system in order to meet your needs. Once the setup is complete, the PC will boot into Windows 10. 

Most of our Laptops and Desktops with Windows 7 Pro are compatible with the Windows 10 Upgrade. Please contact us if you require any assistance to perform this upgrade.