11 September 2015

A Quick-specs Guide to Apple iPad Pro

Image Source: Apple

Apple recently announced a new iPad called the iPad Pro. The new iPad Pro carries a 3rd Generation Ax9 64-bit chip which makes it 1.8x faster than its predecessor and 22x faster than the original iPad.

What makes the new iPad Pro really stand out is its screen size - 12.9-inch diagonally. Surprisingly, it has same width and height as the iPad Air. It has stunning new display capabilities with 5.6 million pixels. Apple also managed to get four speakers in to the iPad Pro creating a superior audio experience for the user. 

Apple reports that it will come with up to 10 hours battery life. The iPad Pro is slightly thicker than the iPad Air 2 and is heavier than original iPad. This is to be expected as it does support a larger screen. It is 6.9-mm thick and weighs 713 grams. 

So what’s in it for businesses? Apple has come up with a new stylus Pencil. It looks really cool. According to Apple, it has tilt, pressure and stroke sensors, which make it really unique and hopefully useful too. Microsoft has also announced new tools for Office to support the pencil stylus, so did Adobe for Photoshop. 

According to Apple, the iPad Pro will go on sale in this November. Australian pricing is yet to be announced.